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Prostate Cancer

 posted by: Dave on 6/24/2017

I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I am trying diet and lifestyle change to slow... Read More

my friend has type 2 lung cancer at 15

 posted by: brianna on 11/30/2016

my friend is undergoing type 2 lung cancer that has spread around his heart he is undergoing... Read More

Andrew Story, Youth and Young Adult Director
LOFT (Living Our Faith Together) is the student ministry at Venice Presbyterian Church.

All youth activities are supported through a special offering (The Noisy Offering) which is passed around during announcement time before the Sunday morning church service.

Loft is growing larger by the week and we are all eager to meet new people and invite you into our faith family. Please stop by any Sunday we meet in our youth room for worship on Sundays. Feel free to drop by, we meet on the porch of the annex building at 10:45am on Sundays then head into worship.
Feel free to email me Andrew Story @

Come join us!!